Goldspotted Fern


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Description :

Ferns typically have an air of the jungle about them and add a distinctive allure to the atmosphere of a garden or apartment. There are instances in which the gold-tipped fern is referred to as the blue fern. Because the fronds can grow to be as long as one metre in length, there must be adequate room in the home for the golden-tailed fern to thrive as an indoor plant. The fern acquired its name from the microscopic spore deposits that are found on the underside of the leaf and are important for reproduction. These deposits are placed on the ferns lower surface. In this particular species, they have the appearance of golden spots and have a golden yellow tint.

This Gift Consists of:
Goldspotted Fern (Phlebodium Blue Star) H50 / D17 cm
Pot Not Included

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