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Note. Due to COVID-2019, some flowers and accessories may not be available and we reserve the right to replace them without notice. However, value will be maintained. Stay safe!

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Description :

Made in the USA…you know…the place to dream. We are taking out top competition with these graphics and then burning them with our message. Plus we are honoring COOKABLE TOPS FIRST LIMITED EDITION ALUMINUM ROASTING PAN ever produced……and yours will be the very first produced. Get one now before they go to production on a larger scale and the prices hike! This Gift Consists of: Gift basket with pasta spaghetti al basilico, porcini mushroom risotto, arborio risotto rice, saffron threads, chocolate pepper, fleur de sel, pesto piquillo y almendras, black truffles
As stocks are getting exhausted fast, we reserve the right to replace item of equal value without notice. Package and basket may vary.

Delivery Location: All over Germany.

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