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Note. Due to COVID-2019, some flowers and accessories may not be available and we reserve the right to replace them without notice. However, value will be maintained. Stay safe!

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Description :

This box contains the best products to complement your new timepiece gift box Leopold. A perfect gift in itself, each item inside is collected with care by professionals such as a Swiss Card, set of cufflinks and a wallet. This Gift Consists of : 1 bottle of Altenmünster brewer beer, rustic and spicy, 0.5 l; 4.9% vol. 1 piece of Antdorfer bacon from Petermichl butchers shop, approx. 150g 4 small pepper ice cream from the Petermichl butcher, approx. 100g 1 glass of horseradish mustard from Münchner Kindl Senf, 125ml 1 handmade gingerbread confectionery mixed from whole me and dark chocolate from Lebkuchenkonditorei Hatzel, 100g
As stocks are getting exhausted fast, we reserve the right to replace item of equal value without notice. Package and basket may vary.

Delivery Location: All over Germany.

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