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Description :

The gift basket is filled with different products from China, which are often used in Chinese cuisine. Depending on the region, cooking is done differently in China. In the north, where the climate is a bit harsher, more comfortably warming soups, delicious dumplings and the famous Peking duck are served. The Product consists: Dried Mu-Err mushrooms 50 g Bamboo shoots strips in a tin 225 g Pack of noodles Soup with fried beef and spices Soup with fried pork and spices Hot Pot Spice Mixture with Mushroom Flavor 150 g pack. Sesame oil-based chilli oil 207 ml Chicken broth in powder form 250 g Chinese soy sauce 150 ml bottle Pure sesame oil, for seasoning dishes Somen - wheat noodles in portions 300 g Fruit candy made from hawthorn fruits 10 rolls of 12.5 g Packg. chinese chopsticks
As stocks are getting exhausted fast, we reserve the right to replace item of equal value without notice. Package and basket may vary.

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